Sermons by Bro. Timothy Finley

Bro. Timothy Finley & Sis. Amy Finley



5-6-23 pm Quickening, Transforming Power tf

4-16-23 pm Imitators Of Christ tf

4-6-23 Transformed tf

3-30-23 Transformed tf

3-16-23 Looking For The Word Made Manifest tf

2-23-23 Pointing To The Word tf

2-16-23 Rooted tf

2-9-23 Mercy To The Predestinated tf

1-26-23 Abide In Me tf

1-1-23 am Approaching Him tf

12-29-22 Love One Another tf

12-18-22 pm The Revelation Of Jesus Christ To Us tf

12-15-22 God Has Spoken, It Will Come To Pass tf

12-8-22 The Greatest Leader tf

12-1-22 A Pleasing Life tf

11-6-22 pm Watching The Leading Of The Holy Spirit tf

10-30-22 am Stepping Stones tf

10-20-22 Revealing Himself tf

10-16-22 pm Taught Of God tf

10-16-22 am Taught Of God tf

10-13-22 Taught Of God tf

10-9-22 pm God’s Plan tf

10-9-22 am God’s Plan tf

10-6-22 God’s Plan tf

9-22-22 Walking In Humility tf

9-15-22 Walking In Humility tf

8-28-22 pm Getting Ready To Leave tf

8-18-22 God’s Word Declared tf

8-11-22 God’s Word Declared tf

7-31-22 pm Standing Strong tf  


7-24-22 pm Because He Loves Me tf

7-17-22 pm Looking For His Coming tf

7-7-22 Renewing Of Our Mind tf

6-26-22 pm Pressing The Race tf

6-16-22 Confidence In Him tf

6-12-22 pm His Characteristics tf

6-12-22 am His Characteristics tf

5-22-22 pm Prepared Beforehand tf

5-12-22 Take Him At His Word tf

4-14-22 Remembering Him tf

4-7-22 Hearing And Recognizing God’s Voice tf

Following The Vindicated Word tf

3-4-21 Hebrews 11 tf

2-25-21 Blessed Is The Man Whose Hope Is In The Lord tf

2-21-21 pm Three Kinds Of Belivers sd

2-7-21 pm Blessed Is The Man Whose Hope Is In The Lord tf

1-24-21 pm If It Were Possible tf

1-14-21 His Love For Us tf

1-10-21 pm An Exhortation On The Third Exodus tf

12-31-20 A Positive Atmosphere tf

12-17-20 Holding Fast, The Word Of Truth tf

12-10-20 Faith In The Proven Word tf

11-29-20 am Love, A Simple Word tf

11-19-20 Confidence In His Word tf

11-8-20 pm The Message Is Still The Same tf

10-18-20 pm In God’s Hand tf

10-18-20 am God Of Today tf

10-1-20 He Knows Your Struggle tf

9-24-20 A Desire To be Like Him tf

9-17-20 A Desire To Be Like Him tf

9-3-20 Be Not Afraid tf

8-23-20 pm Leadership In Our Lives tf

7-30-20 Set Free To Worship Him tf

7-19-20 pm As He Was, So He Is tf

7-9-20 Expressions tf

6-18-20 Holding Strong His Statutes tf

6-7-20 pm Looking For His Appearing tf

5-14-20 A Sure Word Of Prophecy tf

4-30-20 Looking For The Narrow Way tf

4-23-20 All My Trust Is In Him tf

3-5-20 Are We His Reflection tf

2-20-20 With Out Wavering Confidence tf

2-13-20 Tightening Up The Armour tf

2-2-20 pm A Strong Consulation tf

1-23-20 Welcoming Him In tf

1-9-20 Rehearsing Instructions tf

12-26-19 The Joy Of Salvation tf

12-22-19 pm Listening For His Voice tf

12-5-19 Focusing On Our Purpose tf

11-24-19 pm A Called Out People tf

11-17-19 pm A Called Out People tf

10-24-19 Standing With Reality tf

10-20-19 pm Standing With Reality tf

10-10-19 Authority With Maturity

9-29-19 pm By The Grace Of God tf

9-8-19 pm He Cares For You tf

8-29-19 Actions Of The Revealed Word tf

8-29-19 Actions Of The Revealed Word sd

8-18-19 pm Solid On The Word tf

8-11-19 pm Preordered tf

7-28-19 pm Worship Service tf

7-18-19 Suffering Brings Character tf

7-14-19 pm Confidence In What You Believe tf

6-13-19 God Of Today tf

6-2-19 pm Welcoming Him In tf

5-19-19 pm His Expressions tf

5-9-19 His Expressions tf

5-5-19 pm Our Manual tf

4-25-19 We Must Die Out tf

4-18-19 With Urgency tf

4-7-19 am Only Through Him tf

3-24-19 pm Evidence Of That Same Spirit tf

3-17-19 pm Conform Not To The World tf

2-21-19 Coming To His House With Sincerity tf

1-27-19 pm Chosen By God tf

1-6-19 pm mechanics and dynamics tf

12-16-18 pm Checking Up tf

12-2-18 pm Blessed By God tf

11-25-18 pm Feeling The Press tf

11-4-18 pm Are You Fully Persuaded tf

10-14-18 pm Hearing His Voice tf

10-4-18 Are You Just Religious tf

9-27-18 Looking Into Our Promises tf

9-20-18 The Right Attitude tf

9-13-18 Unto The Least Of These tf

8-30-18 Feeling The Press tf

8-19-18 Are We Separated From All Unbelief tf

8-5-18 pm Keep Your Eyes On Him tf

7-26-18 Remembering Him tf

7-15-18 pm He Means What He Says tf

7-5-18 Measuring Up tf

5-24-18 Standing Strong As A Witness tf

5-17-18 Kept By Gods Love tf

5-3-18 A Full Assurance tf

4-29-18 am Worship Service tf

4-19-18 His Word Speaking To Us tf

4-8-18 pm Expectations tf

3-29-18 Expectations tf

3-18-18 pm What The Word Means To Us tf

3-1-18 By The Hearing Of The Word tf

2-22-18 Faith In What He Said tf

2-1-18 Exhortation tf

1-28-18 am Unity tf

1-25-18 Both Ends Of The Line  tf

1-11-18 The Word In Us tf

12-21-17 How Small We Are tf

12-17-17 pm Following Instructions tf

12-17-17 am Following Instructions tf

12-14 17 Following Instructions tf

12-10-17 pm Stimulation Of A Vindicated Life tf

11-30-17 Fountain Of Life In You tf

11-19-17 pm Leaning On The Word tf

10-26-17 Seperated Unto The Lord tf

10-5-17 Is He Revealed To You tf

9-24-17 pm Quickened By The Spirit tf

9-14-17 Quickened By The Spirit tf

8-20-17 pm Ripening tf

8-13-17 pm On The Potters Wheel tf

8-3-17 Importance Of Obedience tf

7-23-17 pm Attention To Detail tf

7-2-17 am The More Earnest Heed tf

6-22-17 Where Is Your Treasure tf

6-15-17 Worshipping God In All Things tf

6-1-17 Conforming To His Image tf

5-21-17 pm Our Expressed Life tf

5-11-17 Sealed tf

5-4-17 Ye Shall Know tf

4-9-17 pm By His Power tf

3-12-17 pm Focus tf

2-26-17 pm The Power Of His Word tf

2-12-17 am Counsel Of His Own Will tf

2-9-17 A Desire To See Him tf

1-26-17 Spirit And Life tf

1-12-17 Ripening tf

12-22-16 Our Life’s Examples tf

12-4-16 am Gods Voice tf

11-20-16 pm Give Thanks tf

10-27-16 Hebrews 11 tf

10-20-16 The Importance Of Revelation tf

10-6-16 Encouraged By The Change In Our Lives tf

10-2-16 am Conformed Or Deformed tf

8-18-16 Predestinated Seed tf

8-11-16 Is Your Life Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today And Forever tf

8-7-16 pm Where Is Treasure tf

7-21-16 Times And Seasons tf

7-14-16 Are We Separated tf

6-26-16 pm Our Reflection tf

6-16-16 Responsibilities tf

6-2-16 Remembering Our Purpose tf

5-12-16 Have You Met Him tf

4-7-16 How Do You See tf

3-24-16 His Life In You tf

3-10-16 Preparations To Leave tf

2-11-16 Meet The Challenge tf

1-31-16 pm Manifestation Of A Vindicated Life tf

1-31-16 am Power Of The Revealed Word tf

1-28-16 Heed The Knocking tf

1-14-16 Absolute Assurance In His Word tf

1-7-16 Exhortation tf

12-24-15 Following The Truth tf

11-22-15 Worship Service tf

Exhortation tf

10-29-15 Who Is Your Eye On tf

10-18-15 pm Chosen For A Sacrifice tf

8-27-15  My Sheep Hear My Voice tf

8-20-15 Is Your Life Expressing His Glory tf

8-2-15 The Love Of God tf

7-19-15 pm Must Be Full Obedience tf

6-28-15 pm His Spirit Will Quicken You tf

6-18-15 How Loud Is Your Life tf

6-4-15 Knocking On Your Door tf

5-17-15 pm Pressing To The Mark tf

5-7-15 Following The Word tf

4-30-15 Quickening Power tf

4-16-15 Being Identified In The Scriptures tf

4-9-15 If You Be Risen With Christ tf

3-22-15 pm His Word Shall Not Pass Away tf

3-19-15 What Fruit Are You Bearing tf

3-8-15 pm Making Sure Where You Stand tf

2-22-15 pm God Speaking To You tf

2-12-15 To His Glory tf

1-29-15 Is He Calling You tf

1-1-15 To Christ Or To Church tf

12-11-14 An Uncertain Sound tf

11-16-14 am Predestinated tf

10-16-14 Giving All You Have tf

8-31-14 pm Ask And Ye Shall Recieve tf

7-24-14 Forewarned Of God tf

6-26-14 Why Are You Following This Message tf

6-12-14 Holding The Standard tf

5-8-14 Do You Know He Chose You? tf

5-1-14 A Precious Thirst tf

3-30-14 pm Seeing His Life In You tf

3-9-14 pm By His Spirit tf

2-16-14 Finding The Assurance Of Who You Are tf

2-6-14 Atmosphere tf

1-16-14 Is God Calling You tf

12-26-13 Watching The Growth In Your Life tf

12-15-13 pm Looking At Yesterday To Make Him The Same Today tf

11-21-13 Looking For The Quickening Power tf

11-3-13 pm Looking For The Quickening Power tf

10-13-13 pm Make Sure You Are Following Christ tf

9-22-13 pm Exhortation tf

8-29-13 Do You Desire To Be Made Whole? tf

8-18-13 pm Assurance By The Word tf

8-4-13 pm Must Be Identified By The Word tf

7-18-13 Fortified With The Word tf

6-30-13 pm Following The Moving Of The Spirit tf 6-16-13 pm Am I Selfish tf

5-19-13 pmExhortation tf

5-9-13 Identification By The Holy Spirit tf

4-21-13 am Identification By The Holy Spirit tf

4-11-13 Identification By The Holy Spirit tf

2-28-13 Seek His will in your life.Br.T.F.

2-10-13 pm In Tune With The Spirit tf

1-20-13 am Be Sure God Is First tf

1-17-13 That Our Lives Shall Glorify Him tf

1-6-13 am Be Sure Your Religion Is Not In Vain tf

12-16-12 pm Are You Ready To Leave tf

12-6-12 The Word Is ADiscerner Of The Heart tf

9-9-12 pm Observing All Things tf

8-30-12 He Lives pd; Breaking Traditions tf

7-29-12 pm To The Praise Of His Glory tf

6-9-11 It Is Well tf

6-3-12 am God All The Way tf

Blessed Unity Of T

he Spirit 4-29-12 am tf

Are You Anchored In The Rock 4-5-12 tf

Seek God And You Shall Find Him3-29-12 tf

To Know Who You Have Believed 12-18-11 pm tf

There Is Still A Real Quickening 3-4-12 am tf

When you believe from the heart  2-5-12 am

8-19-21 The Resurrection And The Life tf
8-15-21 pm Focusing On Him tf
8-8-21 pm To His Glory tf

7-29-21 His Presence tf
7-22-21 Standing Boldly tf

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